Influencer Inspiration & Ideas

When you’re getting set to do your photos & posts, here are some examples you can follow if you need inspiration!

As we're just getting started we've pulled inspiration from other skincare companies!  But as we get more & more great stuff from YOU… we will be updating this page often!

Some vital tips to keep in mind:

  • The best shots are shots of YOU using PurAllure products!
  • Your talking points about each product can be found on sales page on our shop!
  • Use your own ideas & let your creativity fly!
  • If you have ANY questions EVER… ASK!
  • Shoot us an email at the address below and we will get right back with you If you have questions & before you post, make sure to send us everything before you go live!

Major Requirements:

  • Make sure the label of the product is clearly visible
  • Please make sure to send before posting for review
  • When posting please make sure to tag us @purallureskincare and use the hashtag #purallureskincare

As you scroll down you'll see we've broken up the ideas into a few different categories.  Please use the style you like best!

What Can You Talk About?

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Our Fav: Show YOU Using PurAllure!

By far the shots we love most are of YOU using PurAllure!  Here are some examples

From @prepsetandglow

From @victoriatirl

These are fun, a bit playful & shows the person with the product on. When you’re taking shots of our blue clay mask especially you’ll want to do a TON like this.

Again from Kylie Skin, some serum usage shots:

Get creative & have fun with your friends!

^^ This TikTok repost from Glamglow does an amazing job of showing off their mask & having fun with a friend!

And of course, bottle next to the face while using it is always a fan fav!

Product Only Posts Examples:

If you're a fan of live, on the counter shots, here are some ideas!

Here are some of our Detox Bundle:

Here are some great ones from Glamglow:

This is a great shot as it not only shows off the label, it also shows off the product texture in a creative way!

Check back often as we will be posting more & more of YOUR amazing shots for inspiration!